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What Makes Us Sensational

Pristine Bay

Our bay is located in the Northern Atlantic coastal region of New Brunswick. With minimal human activity, our oysters grow far away from impurities and pollution..


By growing and processing the oysters we sell, we can assure top-notch quality and consistency to our customers.

Dedication to Quality

More than anything, we are proud of the high-quality standards our products have to attain in order to get to market. Our seasoned experts use their sense of smell, touch, and sight, as well as the latest technologies to in our food safety process

Fresh, Atlantic Oysters

The Atlantic Oyster is known for its distinctive, salty flavour and meaty texture. Filled with protein and Omega 3 fats, they are the perfect treat for any occasion.

Delicious Recipes


Village Bay Oysters are on CTV New Atlantic's What's for Dinner

Order Now

At Village Bay, we ship fresh oysters directly to our customers across North America on a weekly basis. You can count on receiving fresh, delicious, and consistent oysters at your door with Village Bay

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